Created on December 6, 1975 by a team of volunteers, the Fayence media library is the oldest in the Canton.

As in every media library in the Mediatem network, it will be easy for you to borrow novels, documentaries, CDs, DVDs, comics...

With a constant concern for openness and contribution to the development of knowledge and culture, we offer frequent activities for schoolchildren as well as to all of our members of all ages (workshops, reading club, tea time, help with homework...).

Thanks to the network, it is possible for any user to reserve books online and have them come to the media library, via their reader account on the Mediatem site.

A connected computer is available to each member.

The team of volunteers supervised by the manager, Ms. Tifenn Christollet, is available to all.

See you soon!

Bd Gambetta
Phone : 04 94 84 72 86

Opening :


9h00 - 12h00


9h00 - 12h et 14h00 - 17h00


9h00 - 12h00


16h00 - 19h00


9h00- 12h00


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