Saint-Jean Baptiste Church

The old building dating from 1346 becoming too narrow, the construction of a new building began in 1738 after more than 30 years of procrastination, and lasted more than 12 years. The church will be blessed on January 25, 1750.

The parish church is dedicated to Saint-Jean-Baptiste, says the Holy Precursor, he announces the coming of Christ.

It is the third largest church in the Var prefecture by its dimensions, in the form of a rectangle 50 m long by 20 wide. The bell tower rises to 37 m in height. Vast baroque-style building (notably by its facade), the church is adorned with 3 naves and 4 semi-circular bays.

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The Chapel of Notre-Dame-des-Cypres

Built by the brothers of the Lérins abbey in the 10th or 11th century, it was probably the first parish of Fayence.

The chapel is dedicated to the Virgin Mary, celebrated every September 8, the patronal feast day.

Located 2 km from the village center, on the D19, this squat-shaped chapel with its Romanesque bell tower, its particularly harmonious assembly of stones, gives off an impression of great serenity.

At the entrance, one can notice the depth of the descent, symbol of the passage from the profane (outside) to the sacred (heart of the Chapel).

Inside, note the paintings, the marble altar, the 16th century gilded wooden tabernacle, the altarpiece composed of frescoes representing the main phases of the Virgin's life. 


Saint-Roch Chapel

This 16th century chapel is dedicated to Saint-Roch, Saint protector against the plague, celebrated every August 16.

Adjacent to the village, it guarded one of the gates of the urban wall: the Sarrasine Gate. It thus assumed its protective role, like the other chapels: Ste Anne and St Pierre.

To see: a stucco statue of Saint-Roch, 3 paintings representing him and a small stone stoup at the entrance.






The Sarrasine Gate

This listed 13th century vestige, at the bottom of the village, has retained its machicolations and the working grooves of the harrow which closed the entrance to the city.








The Clock Tower

tour de l'horloge

The clock tower, surmounted by a campanile, was built in 1807.

The highest point of the village, it is the faithful companion of the inhabitants of Fayence: the clock has tracked its time day after day for more than two centuries.

The Clock Tower offers a magnificent 360 ° panorama over the roofs of the village, the gliding center and the surrounding mountains: the Estérel, the Maures, the Lachens ...

An orientation table will help you find your way.

You will discover the ruins of the castle nearby, on the castle square, which marks the site of the stately building, of which only an old watchtower remains, the last vestige of the castle of the bishops of Fréjus.



The 13 fountains

Supplied all year round by very pure spring water, the most beautiful are the Paty fountain, the Place de la République fountain, the Gabriel-Péry fountain, the Roy fountain-lavoir, the fountain of the Rue-grande du Château and the municipal washhouse with columns.




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